Artist, Curator, Director, Advocate, Collaborator, Citizen


Stewart Watson is an Artist, a mother, a curator, an educator, a volunteer, a partner, a collector, and community advocate. She is both a founder and the Executive Director of AREA 405, Baltimore’s best gallery in 2014. She is also a founder and owner of Oliver Street Studios, a 66,000sf artist community for nearly 18 years.

Stewart was born in Pennsylvania and received her BFA in sculpture from The Pennsylvania State University and returned to school 16 years later to receive her MFA at The University of Maryland where she was an Anne Truitt Scholar, Daniel Nicholson Olkhe Award winner, teacher, and became a parent all while continuing her responsibilities at AREA 405 and Oliver Street Studios.

Stewart is a Baker Artist Award finalist (2018), Sadat Art for Peace Competition Winner (2010), a Janet and Walter Sondheim Prize finalist (2014), a Trawick Prize Finalist (2004), and has been a semifinalist for these regional awards numerous occasions. She is recipient of individual artist grants from the Maryland State Arts Council in 2017, 2011, 2007, and 2001, a score of individual artist grants from the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts , and a 2016-7 grant from the Alexandria (VA) Office of the Arts to produce an immersive & collaborative exhibition with Lauren F Adams at Gadsby’s Tavern Museum.

Stewart has recently relocated to London, UK with her family and looks forward to creating new work and expanded connections to the world and people around her in this long term residency.